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Basement Waterproofing

smoothing the basement wall

There are existing laws that provide for building regulations that must be met by building owners. This is considered a severe contravention of the law. At Premier Concrete Contractors, we offer basement waterproofing services that will keep you in line with the building codes. We assess your area and determine what materials to use for construction of your basement waterproofing system. We also install a draining system in your basement. It is a full package with us. I don’t see why you shouldn’t contact us immediately for your basement waterproofing.

Why Do you Need Basement Waterproofing

If your building is situated in an area where it is likely for underground water to build up, then you need your basement to be waterproofed. Our research has shown that water in the soil can cause hydrostatic pressure underneath the floor. This forces water from entering through cracks into the basement, which can cause decay, mold and other water-related problems. We provide such services for you at a pocket-friendly price. Building codes also provides that there should be a basement waterproofing system in buildings, especially those prone to underground water build-up.

How To Know You Need Basement Waterproofing

It is important to be vigilant and pay attention to signs of water breakthrough in your basement. To prevent structural damage, look out for signs such as cracked walls which could be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Another sign is buckling walls which usually appears as an inward bow, it is caused by hydrostatic pressure. Other signs include peeling paint, mold which thrives in damp areas and inflorescence which are powdery residue found on the ground near basement walls. Whenever you see any of these signs, you will most likely need a basement waterproof.

Materials We Use

At Premier Concrete Contractors, we make sure we use materials that will ensure quality job delivery for your basement. Whatever your concrete foundation is, be it poured concrete or masonry concrete, we have the knowledge of the type of waterproofing materials to use to achieve our aim. We will locate the entry point of the water breakthrough and pressure inject interior sealant such as Epoxies and Urethanes which cuts of Urethanes point and leaves it sealed. Interior sealers are also used to prevent high atmospheric humidity inside your basement from absorbing into poring masonry and causing spalling.

Methods We Use

We conduct regular research to know the best practical way to install your basement waterproofing system. That is why our services are well known in Cedar Rapids and its environs. We use the best methods to install your basement waterproof. Some of the ways we use include interior and exterior water drainage system which drains whatever water is building up and diverts it. We also use foundation crack injections and box type waterproofing. Our recommendations are backed up by years of experience and research in the basement waterproofing service sector.

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