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Paved Concrete

men smoothing the concrete

We offer paved concrete services for the people of Cedar Rapids and its environs. Paved concrete is commonly used as a type of floor finishing material that adds to the beauty of a building. Our services are top-notch and we make sure we give you value for your money. We recommend materials to be used and we also come up with the type of paved concrete design we to use that will give your paved concrete an aesthetic touch. Contact us today and we will do what we do best.

Paved Concrete Materials

Our many years of providing paved concrete services enable us to know the right materials to use for your paved concrete project. A concrete is a mixture of water, cement and aggregate materials. The paved part is like a slab on top of the concrete which protrudes a bit. It is the part that carries the texture of the paved concrete and it also carries the design. We know the right materials to use to bring all these components out and the type of materials to use that will bring out your desired paved concrete design.

Paved Concrete Technology

The concrete construction sector is huge and contractors continuously come up with ingenious ways to effectively constructing your paved concrete and designing them for clients like you. These techniques also ensure the durability of the paved concrete built. Concretes are guaranteed to last for decades but if constructed wrongly, it doesn’t, so using the right techniques for construction should not be overlooked. At premier Concrete Contractors, we pay attention to this. Some of the paved concrete technologies include recycle concrete aggregate, generation concrete surfaces, jointed concrete pavement, etc.


In addition to our paved concrete installation, we also offer repair services. Paved concrete indeed lasts for decades but if inferior materials were used or it wasn’t mixed properly, it will not. You have to incur the cost of frequent repair. Our repair services ensure that thate existing concrete is improved upon and it will be able to serve you longer. With your permission, we can also construct a new paved concrete over the old one. Our services are designed in such a way that fits your budget, whatever the kind of paved concrete service you want.

Capable Workforce

We have different people working in the different stages of constructing your paved concrete at our disposal. Each one of them is experienced at and knowledgeable about what they do. You are guaranteed top quality service delivery. We have people that will take on your paved concrete project from assessment to construction and to suitable design. We expend the same resources for your paved concrete project, be it small scale or large scale. At Premier Concrete contractors, we treat all projects the same to achieve the same outcome, which is to satisfy you.

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