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At Premier Concrete Contractors Cedar Rapids, we have a wide variety of concrete construction services that we offer. We offer both concrete construction services and concrete repair services. We assess the space intended for your concrete project and determine the best way to go about it. To ensure the durability of whatever we construct for you, we make sure we use the prevailing materials that are tested and trusted to give you the best economical solution to your concrete problems. We have experts that will also come up with the design that will stand out in your neighbourhood. Our services don’t just stop at construction, we also consider the aesthetic part of the construction.

We have a staff base that will give you proper advice on the type of concrete you should do and also recommend the best materials to be used while considering your budget. Safe to say we ensure we give you value for your money. We also use modern tools and equipment to carry out our job, which enables us to serve you adequately and efficiently. We have the capacity to take on projects of different sizes. We can take on small scale projects and large scale projects. We have experience in handling your project whatever the magnitude and we guarantee you the same level of quality job delivery. Contact us now. We offer the following services:

  • Concrete Flatwork;
  • Poured Walls;
  • Decorative Concrete;
  • Concrete Paving;
  • Basement Waterproof;
  • Paved Concrete.
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