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Decorative Concrete

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For us at Premier Concrete Contractors, we are not all about constructing your concrete, we also have a service that covers decorative concrete. This means that after completing your concrete job, we will also recommend and help you with the aesthetic aspect. We have the staff who specialise in beautifying your concrete by coming up with designs that will complement the beauty of your building. If you have a design in mind, we will use our expertise to make it better and give you an outcome you never imagined.

Concrete And It’s Uses.

Concrete is a well-known building material commonly used by builders and construction workers. It is used for buildings, roads, bridges, etc. It is a composition of cement, water and aggregate materials. When mixed together, these components form a thick paste which hardens over time and gives it the trademark durability it is known for. It is relatively cheap to prepare and you are guaranteed of its durability. This is subject to using the right components and mixing it expertly. This is what we offer you at Premier Concrete Contractors in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Decorative Concrete

When constructing your concrete, it will not be a bad idea to be adventurous with the design on the concrete. Decorative concrete serves as an aesthetic enhancement for your structure while still serving its structural purpose. Decorative concrete can be used on your floors, walls, patios, driveway, etc. The process of achieving a decorative concrete is done during the mixing and pouring process or after the concrete is cured. We are capable of taking on on your project should you decide to go for decorative concrete. All you need do is to contact us.

Materials And Process of Decorative Concrete

You will need a professional hand to help you construct your decorative concrete. We are well vast in this type of service and our staff are guaranteed to give you the best service you deserve. We have a customer-oriented orientation. For your decorative concrete, we use materials and techniques such as stamped concrete, polished concrete, decorative overlays, acid staining, vertical overlays, etc. to achieve your desired outcome. Decorative concrete requires a certain level of expertise, we offer that and more if you give us your decorative concrete project to handle.

Design Recommendations

Assessing the building, we decide on the befitting decorative concrete to recommend to you. If you have a design in mind, it is fine by us, we are out to serve you so we will go by your design and make it better than you imagined. However, if you want us to pick a design for you, we have people who specialise in the types of designs to be used for your decorative concrete. We also show you some samples of the designs we pick for you to give you an idea of what the outcome will be.

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