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Poured Walls

man pouring the cement

We offer a variety of services which also include poured walls. When you contact us, we offer our knowledge of the advantages of poured walls. We also come up with ways that will ultimately serve you better. We listen to why you contacted us for your poured wall project and we will adequately advise you if that is the best type of foundation wall to be used for your building. We pride ourselves in adding value to our services by serving you a whole package. Your satisfaction is our goal, not your money.

What You Should Go For Poured Wall

Poured wall is a type of foundation wall you can use when constructing a building. Poured wall according to trade usage, is considered stronger than other types of foundation walls, especially the commonly used cinder block foundation walls. Poured walls have a lateral strength that makes it possible for it to withstand pressure from soil and water outside the building. We are experts in the construction of poured walls. It is known for its flexibility to adapt to any form of foundation design you already have and it is easy to construct.

Experience And Quality Service

We have been offering poured foundation wall services for a long time and we are more than qualified to fix whatever your poured wall problem is. We employ people who are well informed on both materials and techniques that are right for your poured wall. We install reinforcing steel so as to enable it to withstand the horizontal pressure of wet soil outside your building. In other words, a poured wall serves as a retaining wall. We will put our experienced staff and quality standard service delivery at your disposal. Give us a call today.

Convenience Of Using Poured Walls

The concrete business is ever-evolving and we make sure our staff are always aware of whatever advancement there is. This also applies to poured foundation walls as it requires a small workforce to complete the job. Depending on the size of your project, all you need is to set the poured concrete foundation, then pour the concrete, allow it to dry, then the forms can be removed and marketers can get to work. It is that easy, which is why we do it for you in no time with no cause for complaint from you.

Cost Efficient

The fact that it requires a small workforce to complete your poured foundation wall means that it will save you cost. We recommend quality materials that will be in line with your budget and you can be sure we won’t compromise on the quality of our job. We are licensed concrete contractors so you are guaranteed of the quality of whatever we recommend to you. Don’t let your budget deny you of the best poured foundation walls for your building. We can make it work without compromising our standard. What are you waiting for? Contact us now.

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